Boom! The new kuvva has been launched with great art from award winning artists!

InkTober 2015 – Our favourites from week 2

“Earthling” – A bizarrely funny comic series by Tatsuro Kiuchi

Nephtali – Glen Keane’s newest animation magic

Inktober 2015 – Our favourites from week 1 (or the first 5 days)

“Between Bears” – An exquisite masterpiece by Eran Hilleli

Glen Keane – Step into the Page – Getting closer to sculptural drawing

Brock Davis Kid Tees – Dozens of genial humours that will make you smile

PINKERTON: beautiful story of a Little cat going on a Big Adventure

The splendid illustrations & their making by Brian Miller

Geoff McFetridge talks about his career & style development