5 questions for Chris Haughton

We hope you’re enjoying the gorgeous illustration set this week on Kuvva by Chris Haughton. Besides illustration, he does a bunch of other stuff like writing picture books, co-founding NODE the fair trade project and designing rugs for it. Today we want to get you to know the guy better by picking out the top 5 interview questions he has ever been asked. Here we go!


1. Tell us a little bit about your background?

I studied graphic design and illustration in the National College of Art in Dublin, Ireland. While I was there, I was always trying to get work in magazines and other bits and pieces here and there. After college I ended up traveling around and about in Asia for two years before moving to the UK in 2004 to work for the London based animation Studioaka. I left there to work again on smaller and more creative freelance projects. I illustrate for several magazines and newspapers. I have been making hand-made prints and designs for clothing and stationery with the fair trade company People Tree.

2. As you have been doing that many years of art and design work, do you find out if the the way of communicating between artist and audience ever changes? What is the most helpful new media nowadays?

I think illustration and visual culture has had a huge boost from the internet. Writing requires time and concentration from its audience but images can be absorbed immediately. It seems to me for better or worse information is becoming more and more visual.

3. How do you keep motivated and interested?

I travel a lot and don’t work too hard!!

4. When you were creating new works every time, where did you get the greatest inspirations from?

For instance, from family life, daydreams, love story or walking in a forest etc. For visual inspiration, what makes me excited is looking at unusual ways of representation and image making. Things like old maps and folk art and embroideries, anything that ignores perspective and other rules in favour of narrative or simplicity is interesting to me. For writing, I am often inspired by funny sentences or words or mis-translations. That sort of thing. I used to write down odd things I found funny for no reason here and there in my sketchbooks, just odd sentences if I found them amusing. I had no real way of using them until I started writing picture books. Now since I have discovered that I can make use of these in my books,  I have begun doing it more, and with more purpose.

5. What do you think you do better than anyone in the universe?

Copy and paste!!!!

Here’s a gift for you from Chris. Download the activity sheet here and make your own fabulous bird!

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