A few days ago we had a great opportunity to talk with The Woork Co about their latest project – FanDanz app. Today we’re very happy to share the story with you.

Who is The Woork Co?

This is the story of Debbie Martin and David Botella, two digital art directors with more than 25 years of experience together in digital advertising. One day we decided to leave the warmth of our positions in an agency and to build something better. We wanted a place where work would mean sitting on a table with clients, with coffee or beer, paper and pencil, and building cool and useful projects together.

So here we are – The Woork Co, a multi-disciplinary studio/agency/workspace. We  opened our offices a couple of months ago and teamed up with Zenzuke (he has motion graphics magic) in the very central pedestrian street of Preciados, Madrid, Spain.

Why do you make the FanDanz app?

FanDanz is a dance/follow the rhythm mobile application. We were very lucky to receive FanDanz assignment on a very early stage thanks to the business incubator Zarpamos. They brought us a music-related app idea they wanted to develop, and we provided them with FanDanz Branding, Illustration and UI/EX. After designing the FanDanz logo, we decided to create a world of characters that would accompany FanDanz as a brand on future communications. We couldn’t wait to see these characters become alive, and since we were assigned to develop a promo video for the app, we decided it was a good chance to apply Zenzuke’s black magic and make them dance.

When is it going to be live?

The app is currently on a beta stage on Google Play. It’ll also be available in the near future on iTunes.

Thank you for the story!

Before (and after) you go trying out Fandanz, don’t forget to let us know what you think about the design by leaving a reply below. In the upcoming time, we’re going to have a stream of more stories and talks with the best creatives to come. Stay tuned!

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