Janne Iivonen

Have you seen the super cool and groovy illustration set this week on your desktop background from Janne Iivonen? Drawing inspiration from daily observations of life and people around him, Janne’s illustrations feature bold brush strokes, dynamic compositions and distinctive retro colour palettes. Get to know the artist himself through our little interview.


Kuvva: Please tell us about who you are and what you do.

Janne: I’m a Finnish illustrator & character designer based in Brighton, UK. I recently graduated from The University of Brighton with a BA (Hons) in Illustration. I’ve created illustrations for a variety of clients mainly in editorial, lifestyle and online retail sectors.

Kuvva: How did you come to illustration? Why do you want to go for it?

Janne: I’ve always been a highly visual person with a real passion for drawing and I love to create my own characters and worlds for them to inhabit. It feels natural to work as an illustrator and I like the fact that I get to be my own boss. I also like the variety this line of work brings along with every new commission – I always learn something new from each brief and often get to challenge myself when I am tasked to illustrate things and ideas I might not be already familiar with. It is a really rewarding process.

Kuvva: What is your future plan?

Janne: I’m going to keep on doing more illustration work and hopefully it will all lead to bigger and better things! I’m trying to do more animation again and I’m also hoping to get my characters featured in a game at some point.

Kuvva: Thank you for the talk and good luck!

We’re very curious to know which one is your favourite in Janne’s set. Don’t forget that you can buy these amazing illustrations (with a license) on Kuvva!

‘Trio’ ‘Hipsters’ ‘Cafe’ ‘Barbeque’ ‘Queue’ ‘Beach’ ‘Skater’ ‘Walker’

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