Little Gaston stole our hearts!

Today we want to share with you this super charming and brilliant picture book called “Gaston”. The well-written story about staying true to oneself and questioning what “looked right” but “didn’t feel right” is brought to a whole different level with the delightful illustration of Christian Robinson. His skillful use of colours and brush strokes creates some of the most captivating characters in picture books out there. Other books illustrated by Christian include Rain!Josephine and Harlem’s Little Black Bird. Here is a little inspiring talk we had with him about “Gaston” and his upcoming books.


Hi Christian, please tell us something about yourself?

I love making things. Simplicity is my friend. It’s important for me to create things that make me happy. Telling stories with pictures makes me happy. I live in San Francisco and work in a shared artist studio. This morning I watered my plants, ate a bowl of cereal and wrote this.

Why did you make the book “Gaston”?

Because I fell in love with author Kelly DiPucchio‘s charming manuscript. It was like reading an instant classic. Gaston as a character really resonated with me. I think it’s important to have books for children that challenge gender norms. It was a joy to illustrate a boy pup that likes flowers, pink and things typically thought to be for girls. There is such a beautiful message of belonging and finding where you fit in. Gaston reminds us to be true to ourselves.

What is your next book(s) in the pipeline?

One book coming out in the fall is The Smallest Girl in the Smallest Grade written by Justin Roberts. And here is a peak at a book I’m currently illustrating (that I shouldn’t say too much about just yet) written by Mac Barnett.

Thank you for sharing such nice inspiration with us!

Thank you for reaching out and shedding more light on “Gaston”!


Here are some more behind the scenes stuff of “Gaston” that Christian generously shared with us. Enjoy!

Gaston_Scan_Storyb2 Gaston_Sketch Mrs_Poodle&Pups IMG_2448 IMG_4253 IMG_4425

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