Introducing the neat art of Andrew Kolb

We’ve long been fascinated with the work of Andrew Kolb. It’s his charming colours, clean lines and great combination of details that make up his signature neat art! Recently we’ve had the opportunity to chat with Andrew and got to know a handful of interesting facts, including who raised him as an illustrator.

Hi Andrew, please tell us a bit about yourself.

Well, my name is Andrew Kolb. I’m an illustrator with an education in graphic design and I also dabble in teaching. I like to bake when I find the time and tend to like stories with time travel in them. As to what I do specifically, I create pictures. Sometimes I make them for clients and sometimes I make them for myself. Most of the time I try to ensure there’s a story in there somewhere.

How did you get into illustration?

It was a slow transition from design into illustration and there is still a lot of overlap. I guess I got into what I do now by submitting to a lot of different collectives and groups. The Internet kinda raised me as an illustrator.

Is there any advice you have to share with readers who might be struggling with creative block?

Hmmm. If you aren’t pressed for time then I would say to change what you’re doing to avoid getting stuck. Whether you’re working on another artistic project, or taking a break to vacuum, the change will draw your mind away from the problem and give you the space you need. I find having two or three projects on the go (and at different stages of completion) that allow me avoid getting stuck while still being productive.

What about some tips to promote your work?

This is a tip that I should take myself: share a lot! Share your rough sketches and your process work as well as the finished product. I sometimes think my sketches are boring and aren’t worth blogging. Meanwhile I think other people’s rough work is super interesting! People who like what you do are keen to see every stage of the process and by sharing a lot, you’ll be promoting yourself as a professional artist.

Do you have any future plans?

I’m not sure about “plans” but I do have goals. I kinda like what I’m doing now but I’m also interested in getting into more dimensional work; toys and product design is a world that I’m keen to break into so that’s a goal of mine.

Good luck with your goals and thank you!

Thanks for taking the time to chat!

Feel free to scroll down and enjoy some of Andrews neat art!



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