Meet the Kuvva team: Laszlito

Our Friday series with the Kuvva team members is on a roll, and today we’re super happy to present Laszlito!

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Hi Laszlito, please introduce yourself!

Thanks to Jean Luc Godard, my name is Laszlito. I’m a graphic artist/creative director from Spain. I think that I may have a disease that makes me draw at all times (I’ve been burning pencils since 1976 and I have to admit that I feel a bit bad for the environment). I’m also passionate about technology. So I try to combine these two passions: art & technology. You can find my illustrations on Monocle magazine, The GuardianThe Wall Street Journal and National Geographic to name a few.

Besides that, I love Amsterdam, biking, Vikings, dinosaurs, Instagram, science fiction, animation, movies and games. One of my favourite words is zeppelin (on an average, I say ‘zeppelin’ twice per day).

When did you become one of us?

I’m fresh off the boat but I’ve always been one of you. I’ve been collaborating with Kuvva almost since the beginning. I feel lucky to be part of Kuvva’s amazing team. I also like the fact that we’re located in a park so that every day I can see animals (bunnies, gray herons and ducks). Being surrounded by nature is very important for me (but I could live without mosquitoes).

What’s your main role on a day-to-day basis?

I do lots of things: curating and scouting artists and designing brands (including Kuvva’s Peggy). I work together with Thijs on the design of Kuvva, with Giang on copy and content, with Thomas on creating the best experience through music and soundtracks. I just finished a video for Kuvva with the talented animator Greg Solenström that will be released next week and I hope that you like it. Most importantly, I keep alive the communication with our featured artists.

This may be hard: what’s your favourite illustration on Kuvva?

I can’t choose! I like them all. I like the wit of Jean Jullien, the passion of Ricardo Cavolo, the charm of Robin Davey, the finesse of Jack Hughes, Eleni Kalorkoti’s visual poetry, Blanca Gómez‘s simplicity, Judy Kauffman‘s kaleidoscopic art, Janne Iivonen‘s shapes and characters, and the psychedelic art of Edward Carvalho-Monaghan. So I’m a very lucky person because every day I have a favourite illustrator.

Which illustrator is still missing on Kuvva?

I’d really like to see the work of the legendary Tomi Ungerer on Kuvva. So Tomi, if you’re reading this, please drop me an email at laszlito (at) presentplus (dot) com!

Thank you for the talk!

(Psst! The amazing illustration on the cover of this post is made by Ricardo Cavolo and it’s available for sale on Kuvva!)

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