The Character Challenge of Brad Woodard

According to Brad, character design is not that easy. That’s why he has a dedicated Tumblr for designing characters. We at Kuvva are very interested in his takes on a wide range of different styles to convey particular characters. Usually illustrators stick to one style, but here Brad is very brave to try out so many and still make them work. Let’s go through some of our favourites!

Day 10

“I love the shapes, colours and the dynamism of this illustration. There’s humour in it.” – Laszlito

Day 13

“I admire that Brad can jump from one style to another without losing quality. I absolutely love the patterns on this gentleman’s vintage outfit.” – Laszlito


Day 21

“I love foxes in general, and this illustration is an interesting way of looking at a fox. Usually you don’t see them posing like that.” – Thomas


Day 23

“This illustration reminds of instructional comic style manuals from the 1950s. So this is like ‘how to build a rocket’ with an optimistic vibe and very nice colours.” – Thomas


Day 35

“I have a soft spot for names so I couldn’t be happier to see illustrations of historical names and their context. The minimal colours and soft lines highlight well the characteristics of both the names and the characters that go with it.” – Giang


Day 37

“This one stands out from the rest for not only its geometric lines, but also its dynamism and composition. Everything fits inside a diamond, yet you can clearly see the movement of the ping pong player. His speed and posture are unmistakable.” – Giang

Check out more awesome character designs from Brad here!

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