Anicons = animation + icons

The moment we came across Anicons on the net, we got all excited to see something refreshing and amazing. Not only are the visuals dazzling, but also the animation is top-notch. Here is a brief introduction about how Anicons works:

Animated icons we have seen, but we couldn’t believe that a whole library like Anicons, which is full of great animated icons with customisations, licenses and updates all covered, is already out there and just READY to use! We’re curious about the making of this awesome project, so we contacted its creators, Sebas and Clim, and had a nice chat with them. Enjoy!

Please introduce yourself to our readers in case they don’t know you.

We are a directorial duo specialising in eye-catching and stylish motion graphics and known for our effortless and fluid animation style.

Between us, we have over 8 years’ experience – two of which we’ve spent working together as a creative partnership. In this time we have developed a complimentary style, creating work with a broad appealing and handcrafted aesthetic.

How did you come up with Anicons?

Half a year ago, after completing our Saudi Aramco Corporate project where we built an animated typographic and icon library, we just thought… “Hey! why don’t we give all the animators, motion designers, agencies and freelancers a bit of a hand?” And here it is! ; )

Why did you choose this combination between animation, iconography and illustration?

We are thinking about building an extended, customisable library. They are more than animated icons. They are 1000×1000 pixels After Effects compositions so they really can be included on every motion graphics project. Some of them are simpler than others but it is really up to the users, who are the ones to decide which level of detail they want to achieve.

Do you have any future project in mind besides Anicons?

We are already thinking about Anicons’ next upgrades with more animated icons and new features. Don’t forget “the earlier you buy it, the less you will pay”. Now we just have to wait and see if people like Anicons (and buy it) so we can continue improving it.

Besides that, we have in mind a project of making a smart-phone/tablet game based on one of our previous personal projects. But this is still in the very early stages so.. Shhh!

Thank you for the chat!

Feel free to scroll down to see a handsome selection of animated icons available for purchase on Anicons!

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