Chicks & Types by Simone Massoni

Choosing which typeface to use is not an easy task for graphic designers. There are so many out there! Each has their own charms and quirks. Making a decision seems nearly impossible.

One of Kuvva’s featured artists, Simone Massoni, has captured this challenging dilemma perfectly with his project “Chicks & Types”. In this on-going series, each typeface gets illustrated together with its respective muse. They tell a story beyond the simple pairing of colours and shapes. Here are the words of Simone about the project:

“Choosing the right one. What a problem.
I mean – if you look at them, with their different personalities and sexy curves, how can you prefer one over another? Maybe you like long legs, or are fascinated  by bold shapes – but then you see that elegant thin one and you just cant’ help falling in love…
In the end, can you choose one, without feeling a bit like Don Giovanni in the Mozart Opera, who admits that whoever is faithful to one is cruel to the others?  This is why we spend hours in front of the font picker in our design software. Feeling such ample sentiment, we love all of them – but since normal people can’t comprehend these things,  they call our natural goodness typography.
Until we finally meet the right one – the one we tie the knot with. The right one, the one we will be with together forever and ever.

You can see all of the typography muses here! Below are some of our favourites!

“I like the vibe of fantasy in the satyrs. The composition is amazing: two well-balanced triangles from the shape of the ‘N’ of Liminal. The eye-lines between Nina and the two satyrs create a perfect dynamism.”Laszlito

“Gill Sans is a classic, and Queena is just the right personification: classy and clean with an attitude.” - Giang

“I like the way Simone uses the ‘D’ of LT Eurostile to frame the action. And I mean, look at Diana! She’s clearly a fun and down-to-earth geek, somebody that you can imagine to be friend with.” – Laszlito

“Garamond is another famous one. How can you not fall in love with the curves of its semibold italic form? Angeline has all of the divinity in those arcs.” - Giang

“I just like the image of Maaike. The combination of a girl leaning across the structure of an ‘M’ of Alda while working and being sexy is just purely amazing.” – Laszlito

“You probably can’t get any classier than Bodoni. That curve, that thickness, that contrast. That can only be Bodoni. And Simone the muse.” - Giang

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