Meet Javier Arce and his poetic geometry

Featured on our Kuvva app this week is a special series of two-tone arts from the amazing illustrator (and web developer) Javier Arce. Last month we did a small interview about his Silly Inc. project. This time we dug deeper into Javier’s illustration career path and his priceless advice for aspiring illustrators.

Hi Javier, could you tell us how you got into illustration? And why have you kept doing it?

I started drawing when I was a kid, like virtually everybody in this little planet. Then I stopped for a while until computers entered my life and… ordered me to draw! Just kidding. I started drawing again when I got a computer and taught myself to do pixel drawings (yay) and to manage Photoshop.

I keep drawing because the computers order me to do it (also because drawing is very fun).

So what do you love to draw the most?

I like drawing faces, which I think is kind of a problem because the more you draw something, the more you improve at that very thing and the less good you get at drawing other stuff.

And I draw faces because I think it’s very fun (and also, yes, because the computers order me to do it).

Could you share some tips with our readers to help them get out of creative blocks?

I believe that there is more than one kind of block. For example, there’s the block you get when a deadline approaches in the horizon and you’ve been procrastinating the whole time, looking at silly stuff on the internet. There’s also the block you get when you are offered a big assignment and your stupid brain plots against you and subtly suggests that you won’t be able to do it. And finally there’s the more broad (and scary) kind of block that prevents you from creating anything at all.

The solutions for each one of these blocks are different too, but in general:

  • Walking works wonders.
  • Playing (as in “drawing for fun” and without criticising what you do) is very good too (can you imagine a little kid with a creative block? Hilarious!)
  • Thinking that you are only a “infinitesimal being, drunk with the great starry void”, etc. in the Universe and that nothing is really that important. That helps you put everything in a more realistic context.

How do you usually promote your work then?

These days I have another job that puts veggies on my plate, I don’t really make any real effort in promoting my work besides sharing the things I do on my twitter/dribbble/tumblr accounts.

How do you think being featured on Kuvva platform will help you?

It’ll bring my drawings to people that really like illustrations… several of them are millionaires that will find my stuff irresistible.

Absolutely! Thank you for the chat!


Feel free to scroll down to see Javier’s collection for sale on Kuvva this week and let us know which one is your favourite : )

“The Girl With The Pynchon Tattoo” “Pet Planet” “Submarine” “Ghost 04″ “Ghost 06″ “Ghost 02″ “Plant” “Face” “Ghost 01″ “Car” “Ghost 03″ “Ghost 05″ “Cup”

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