Hero Complex Gallery

Hero Complex Gallery (HCG) is the kind of gallery that can fill you with great joy as well as pure nostalgia. Its collection is diverse with wonderful artwork inspired by contemporary art and movies.

Whether you’re an artist, a collector or a fan of Spielberg, Cameron, Jackson and Nolan’s movies, or better all three, you’ll sure feel at home at HCG. The gallery itself is indeed meant to be such place – a fun, creative and collaborative platform for talented artists to participate and enthusiastic fans to marvel at splendid work. The participants vary from established to emerging artists. One of the most popular series emerged from this platform is ‘Superheroes – Past/Present’ by Khoa Ho.

HCG’s monthly exhibition is based in Los Angeles with other additional pop-up shows located in major cities in the US. Besides, HCG has a critical component of giving back to the community by donating a portion of their benefit to multiple charities: Motion Picture Television FundCollege Access PlanHollywood TheatreOklahoma City Community FoundationPhilippine Red Cross.

Scroll down to see some of our favourites from previous and current shows at HCG, then visit their site to grab your own favourites!

‘Let The Yeti Win’ by Augie Pagan

‘Third Act’ by Ben Thomas

‘Travis’ by Bruce Yan

‘We’ll Meet Again’ by Fernando Reza

‘Jen Yu Crouching Tiger’ by Craig Drake

‘The Queen’ blue variant by Peter Gutierrez

‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’ by Chris Brake

‘The Cosmonaut’ by Adam Chung

‘A-Team Vandura’ by Beery

‘Morphenomenal!’ by Craig Church

‘K.I.T.T’ by Steve Thomas

‘Saturday Morning In Front Of La Salle De Justice’ by Rey Taira

‘Imaginative Summer’ by Andrew Kolb

‘Redrum’ by Tim Jordan

‘For Honor!’ by Rogie King

‘Sting The Orc Blade’ by Mark Lone

‘Jaws’ by David Moscati

‘The Army Of The 12 Monkeys Factor’ by Timothy Anderson

‘Archeology Is Our Religion’ by Nicole Gustafsson

‘NCC-1701′ by Meghan Stratman

‘The Overlook Hotel’ by Matthew Rabalais

‘Reaching The Wall’ by Gary Laib

‘Face To Face’ by Jason Cryer

‘The Works Of Joe Dante’ by Florey

‘Dredd’ by Bruce Yan

‘Where It All Began’ by Marie Bergeron

‘Se7en’ by Mat Weller

‘O. Little’ by Oliver Barrett

‘Farm Fresh’ by Pam Wishbow’

‘Cultural Impact – St Pauls’ by Raid71

‘Do, Or Do Not, There Is No Try’ by Middle Boop

‘Ack!’ by Kyle Wilkinson

‘I Am The Bat Man’ by Matt Ferguson

‘The Dark Lord’ by Marko Manev

‘Checkmate: Fellowship Of The Ring’ by Patrick Connan

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