Puño: the illustrator of many faces

Puño is one of our favourite illustrators. His work is mainly professional editorial illustration for the press, advertising and books. His style is just downright sweet and lighthearted.

The collection design, covers and illustrations for a science/mistery book series Textbook cover LP vinyl cover for Pantones brand

But do you know that during the time between his editorial work, Puño also makes humorous, bubbly, little illustrations? They were actually exhibited under the name “Miseria”. These works could be considered inappropriate by some, but totally joyous by others. Seriously, it’s hard not to smile at the bright coloured papers in the shape of chubby nudes, cigarette smoking fruits (including Andy Warhol banana) and top-view bald heads in cool hues. They look cute, with an attitude. It’s the great contrast between their round, harmless appearances and their blunt, shameless faces that induce the unexpected jokes.

“Pop art from any time or place is one of the most important references for my work,” Puño explained. “I observe pop culture in its form as much as in its content because I want my work to get to everybody, regardless of their age, culture or any other condition, even in time. That is why I use vivid bright colors and simple forms, and it is also why I am constantly searching for the key to a universal and everlasting sense of humor.”

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