Illanim 2014: How to be a supervillain

If you have spent your childhood and/or adulthood fantasizing about being a supervillain, you’re lucky to read these lines. A group of 14 illustrators and animators has joined force at design studio Alkanoids in Milan, Italy to produce this one-of-a-life-time guide to be a supervillain.

Poor those artists had to work extremely hard only for 2 days on this near-impossible task. But thanks to the super talented skills of the illustrators and animators, what came out of this unanimous collaboration was phenomenal.

Without further ado, we’d like to present the infamous guideline “How to be a supervillain”!

Step 1: Define your identity by Johnny Cobalto and Valerio Bosi

Step 2: Find your evil laugh by Francesco Caporale and Mario Ruggiero

Step 3: How to get superpowers by Chiara Riberti and Alessandro Iacobino

Step 4: Learn how to control your superpowers by Roberta Maddalena and Silvio Mancini

Step 5: Choose your secret hideout by Giordano Poloni and Riccardo Albertini

Step 6: Find your antagonist superhero by Susanna Basone and Ambrogio Bergamaschi

Step 7: Find your final goal by Loris F. Alessandria and Lorenzo Ugo

That’s it! Watch everything one more time in one go and become a unique supervillain!

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