Luis Mendo & his favourite Christmas gifts pick

Luis Mendo is one of the artists that inspire us greatly not only by his stunning artwork but also by his career story.

It’s hard to believe that after being chosen ‘one of the 10 best Art Directors in The Netherlands’ in 2005, after creating dozens of magazine titles, identities and publications on and offline, after 20 years giving lectures, advice and workshops on design, magazine-making and creativity, and being an art director for many titles (corporate, commercial and non-profit magazines and newspapers in different countries), Luis Mendo quit to make a career switch.

Since 2009, Luis started drawing on a regular basis, rediscovering the joy of the craft, and developing a career as an illustrator and an artist parallel to his design work. He moved to Tokyo in 2013 and started working as a drawing artist on different levels: commercially for shops, fashion brands, magazines and mixing his drawings with his designs.

Luis’ great taste in art has brought charms to his drawings, and his choices too. For this Christmas, Luis has kindly shared with us his favourite art from Kuvva Gallery’s online shop that would make perfect Christmas gifts. Let’s take a look:

Tattooed lady with Jake from Adventure Time

“I’ve been following Dilraj Mann for some time and I love the way he makes art from everything he touches. Even Adventure Time.”


Last day on earth

“Laszlito’s line is precise and sweet. Elegant and dynamic. Many use the same technique yet achieve so little compared to him.”


Anatomical cat

“This amazing Japanese artist Kimiaki Yaegashi can do anything with pizza, masks and… cats!”


Want to make your own pick? Head straight to Kuvva Gallery’s online shop to see all the great art we have to offer!

But wait! We have these great news for you first:

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