Winter grooming time! – illustrated by Jack Hughes

If you have been following Jack Hughes‘ super-elaborate work, you wouldn’t think it would ever turn into animation. Well, it’d be lots of work to animate the insane level of details and hundreds layers of shadings in Jack’s illustrations.

But it actually did happen in the digital publication of Esquire Weekly. Esquire UK has commissioned Jack this task of illustrating and animating the article about the transition from ‘shag’ to ‘swag’ in their special winter grooming issue. We thought it’d be interesting to discuss this fun assignment and reached out to him.

Hi Jack, how did you work this animation out from your intensive illustration?

Working out the logistics of the illustrations and their transition wasn’t terribly difficult, the art director Dan and I discussed it and we knew straight away we were picturing the same thing. I was lucky enough that Dan just left me to my devices and gave me some creative freedom to play with. In terms of the technicalities, I started the rough process by working with the ‘trim’ and final version of the man in the illustration then worked my way back to the ‘unkempt’ version. I had to be aware throughout the process of maintaining the same dimensions and structures of the face, glasses, hair and clothes – for the transition to be as smooth as it could be I had to be as minimal with large changes.

What did you find interesting in this medium?

It’s very rare for my work to be animated in any form! I think that’s largely due to the complexity of the images, they’re somewhat of an animator’s nightmare, unless of course the animation is a basic parallax or fade. It’s definitely a direction I’d like to move my work in to, I just have to work out the logistics and perhaps work on simplifying my style.

Thanks Jack!

For now you can download Esquire Weekly for iPad and iPhone here to marvel at Jack’s gorgeous illustration, or take a look at all the amazing artwork Jack has for licensing on Kuvva.

The transition:



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