Enjoy the Disney challenge by Rafael Mayani

Rafael Mayani studied Industrial Design first, but he loved making illustrations so much that he made the switch and practiced drawing instead. To keep himself motivated, Rafael created a big personal project: to watch every feature film by Disney Animation and make an illustration for each film. It’s a seriously big project with 52 films to watch and illustrate. And it took him one year and a half to finish this hefty Disney Challenge. Nevertheless, the result is breathtaking and inspiring. Each illustration clearly reflects the progress Rafael made to hone his drawing skill. Some of the best pieces of work feature vibrant colours with mesmerizing gradients, dynamic compositions with ‘flowing’ shapes and movements of the characters. Simply wonderful.

All the artwork is presented chronologically below, feel free to scroll down to see some of my favourite moments during the journey back to childhood. If you want to read know more about the background information of each film, head over to Rafael’s blog and dive in!

Snow White 1938 Pinocchio 1940 Dumbo 1941 Bambi 1942 Cinderella 1950 Alice in Wonderland 1951 Peter Pan 1953 Sleeping Beauty 1959 Robin Hood 1973 Winnie The Pooh 1977 Little Mermaid 1989 Beauty and the Beast 1991 Aladdin 1992 Lion King 1994 Pocahontas 1995 Mulan 1998 Tarzan 1999 Atlantis 2001 Treasure Planet 2002 Brother Bear 2003 Tangled 2010 Wreck-It Ralph 2012 Frozen 2013 Big Hero 6 2014

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