Explore Simone Massoni’s refined illustrations about food

Illustrator Simone Massoni is really a guy of wonders. Every new artwork he makes has never ceased to amaze us. We featured him on Kuvva, had a super fun session shooting comments on his personal project “Chicks&Types”, and today we’d like to glide with you through the wonderful collection of illustrations Simone did for “The Food Issue” of The New Yorker.

Published on November 3rd, 2014, this special issue of The New Yorker discussed all aspects there are when it comes to food. This type of assignment gives lots of room for imagination and experiment, especially when Simone’s illustrations do not talk about one specific article, but spread all over the magazine. Under the ‘caring’ art direction of Chris Curry, Simone’s classy and tongue-in-cheek signature style is in its full glory.

What we enjoy much about this illustration series by Simone is his expert use of lines and negative space. Almost everything is drawn in the classic black and white cartoon shade, yet they have the ability to contain the fresh, crisp shapes of the presence (which deliberately or not, represents The New Yorker brand really well). The genius in Simone’s line work is its mind-blowing expressiveness. Each curve and loop seems so casual, yet tells just as much about the story as the whole illustration. The transition from one shape to another is so smooth and fluid that you get the feeling Simone drew everything in one go without lifting his pencil out of the paper once. Every negative space gives shape and everything acts as a background for something else. This sophisticated level of composition and detail perfection is just purely staggering and unbelievably beautiful. We’re stoked!

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This one didn’t make the cut, but nevertheless beautiful:


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