Explore the Oscars-nominated “A Single Life” by Job, Joris & Marieke

If you are a hard-core Kuvva fan, you would have noticed this week’s featured artists are no strangers. Job, Joris and Marieke have had their amazing animation screenshots streamed on our platform from the get-go. And every time we get a new set from them, it just gets better. This time is no exception, what you’re seeing on your desktop background now is original shots of their latest short film, “A Single Life”, which just got nominated for an Oscar! Everybody got really excited, and we’re thankful that Job, Joris and Marieke share some insights into this great news with us today.

Hi guys, would you please tell us something about yourself and your work?

We are Job, Joris & Marieke, a Dutch animation studio. Our main focus is to tell stories with a weird twisted concept. Our characters often look very simple and iconic, but also cute and likable. The stories can be sweet but have a dark edge.

We made the short film “MUTE” about a population who didn’t have a mouth. 
Because of a bloody incident, they found out they could cut themselves to make one. This resulted in a bloody but uplifting roller coaster of cutting knives in faces.

We also do a lot of music videos for “Happy Camper”, a music project by Job. We also made the music video of Gers Pardoel, “Ik Neem Je Mee”, which has been watched over 17 million times.

Our latest short “A Single Life” is nominated for an Oscar.

Could you tell us about your project “Happy Camper” and the idea of making an animated short (“A Single Life”) instead of a music video like “The Daily Drumbeat”?

For “Happy Camper”, Job asked a lot of different singers to sing his songs, so there is no frontman. First we called the white yeti Manfred to life to appear in their music videos for their first album. For their second album, “The Daily Drumbeat”, we decided to throw a bunch of striped beings on a roof. In these videos the music came first, and then we started talking about which ideas would fit as a music video.

But besides making music videos, we want to make short films. In 2013 we made “MUTE”, and “A Single Life” is our next step. It might feel a little bit like a music video because the new “Happy Camper” song is quite important, and like in “The Daily Drumbeat”, the song is chopped in pieces. But in this case, the concept of the film was leading and the song was specially written for the film.

Aesthetic wise, what are the changes you have made compared to your previous work?

We always want to make a character very iconic, but it’s really important that it stays likable. You have to love the character if you want to see a film. So we put a lot of time in the facial animation. In our previous film “MUTE”, we liked to use simple shapes and gave it a graphic texture of clothes and hair, but this time we wanted to add some more details. So the main character really got a hairdo that moved a little every time she twisted her neck.

Also there are a lot more details in materials of props in the backgrounds.

Could you describe the process of making “A Single Life”?

We always start with an idea with a twist. So for instance, with “A Single Life”, it was quite an old idea. During our student time, we were listening to a record with the three of us. Suddenly it skipped and the idea arose that the record didn’t skip, but instead we travelled a tiny bit in time. The idea stayed with us for some years and finally we started talking about it some more and started imagining what else could happen with the record.
 When we thought we could make this idea into a film, we started brainstorming, making sketches, walking around, having extended lunches while talking about how every scene of the story could work. Then we divided the work. When the story was quite clear, Marieke started writing the screenplay, while Job was sketching the characters and Joris was making some tests in 3D.

For each background we described what kind of person the main character was in that stage of her life. Then we started searching for inspiration materials to make moodboards. Chairs, wallpapers, clothing patterns etc. 
While making the film, Joris and Marieke worked on the animation, Joris also took some lead in directing. Marieke and Job focused on the backgrounds and props. Job worked on illustrations, 3D models, but also all sound fx and he composed and produced the music.

Cool! Do you have any future projects in mind after the great news of being nominated for an Oscar?

Yes, on the day we heard we were nominated, we also heard we got a fund to make a new film – an NTR short. This one will be around 10 minutes and will be more melancholic and thrilling. 
We hope to finish it before summer.

We can’t wait to see your next film. Thank you and good luck!

Scroll down to see some amazingly rendered shots Job, Joris and Marieke have for wallpaper streaming on Kuvva this week.

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