Nobrow Comics app: a must-have for comics fans

Nobrow has always been an awesome publisher of many great independent comics. So I couldn’t be more thrilled to learn their latest move: creating a unique digital experience for their comics with an iPad app. It has been more than a week since the app officially launched, and it has been showered with compliments and love.

“Prepare to be charmed by some of the greatest storytelling, the most memorable characters and the richest illustrated talent in the world.” – Nobrow

The reason behind it? Nobrow knows their fans’ hearts and it’s committed to deliver the greatest comics experience possible. “We know that our fans are interested not just in the content, but also in the process, and our first priority is to engage our fans with exciting content they couldn’t find anywhere else, so this was our solution.” – Alex Spiro, co-founder of Nobrow, shared the context that gave birth to the ‘Layers’ feature of the app. Readers can easily access early sketches, original inks or a breakdown of the spot colour separations used in the comics’ prints in the app by swiping a current page up or down.

We’re really excited about this consistency in pushing the boundaries in design, illustration and print in the works of talented artists from Nobrow. So we reached out to James Wilson, Nobrow’s Digital Designer, to share the good news.

Congratulations on the launch of such an exciting app! It was big move from traditional printing to digital. Could you elaborate on the making process of the app?

Thanks – glad you’re as excited as we are! The app’s development took less than a year from our first discussion to the recent launch. The first UI mock-ups were visualised in-house and consultation with an outsourced development team happened very early on. The biggest challenges were working out how to deliver such visually-rich content in the most efficient way possible, and of course ironing out UX in order to make sure the app not only looked good, but was intuitive too.

Could you tell us about the app’s feature that you love most?

The Layers feature! The idea of being able to offer a behind-the-scenes look at our artists’ work with the app’s layers system excited us a lot!

I see that there are a few comics available in the app. Will other picture books and comics from Nobrow and Flying Eye Book will also come?

Yes, we’ll be releasing selected titles from the Nobrow backlist to bring our digital library up to date. There’s quite a lot of work involved in processing each comic, particularly in hunting down preliminary sketches etc, but we hope to release titles on a regular, monthly basis.

Lastly, what is in for the future of the app?

There are many ideas on the drawing board for the Nobrow Comics app, so we’ll have to see how it goes…

Thank you!

Nobrow is such kind folks with generous offers. You can get this amazing app with Hildafolk, Birchfield Close, Obsolete and the first Artist’s Mini Bundle for FREE (for a limited time) here. Want to look more? Here is a trailer of the app in action and some screenshots.

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