Character Design References

If you work on illustration, chances are you often find yourself getting stuck or having no idea what to do. How should I draw this? Which colours should I choose? Which brush to use? Where to get that? Having personal guidance in these matters is a luxury many don’t have. What then? If only there was an archive full of references you can consult anytime. Well, I didn’t think there was such a thing. But now, I do. Here is the most comprehensive, thorough and ultimate illustration references I’ve ever seen out there!

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Seriously. There are amazing-beyond-imagination people spending time collecting all the bits and pieces of illustration tutorials and organising them all into a massive online library. This endeavour stems from the Character Design References (CDR) team’s deep appreciation for line art, hand drawn animation and production art: “Concept and visual development art from animation, movies and games are an amazing source of inspiration for any artist. Although the final product can sometimes be disappointing, the beauty and excellent draftsmanship of the artworks behind these projects stays untouched.”

More than archiving references, the CDR team aims to stimulate creativity from the best: “We wish that this library will be a useful tool to help you in your own artistic path, and we hope that, by observing how the artists have interpreted different subjects with their lines and colors, you will explore other shape languages that you may not think of or be aware of.”

The collected material in the CDR team’s Pinterest’s library is organised in 3 main categories: anatomy boards, mood boards and art tutorial boards. But there are also references about environment design, storyboards, FX design, digital colour blending, digital brush set, and animation tutorials. Everything is updated with interesting art the team find on the internet on a daily basis. So people, open whatever bookmark programs you have and mark this priceless library right away and devour it to your heart’s content!

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