Explore the groovy art by Al Wrath

This week we’re super excited to introduce the fantastic art by Al Wrath. Living between Auckland and Sydney, the seasoned artist has had his hands on various projects including illustration, branding, advertising and art direction. Al is also very keen on experimenting with a range of beautiful surf craft, as you can see with his set of artwork for Kuvva. Recently we had an opportunity to have a quick chat with Al about his life in Sydney and how his art flourishes there.

Hi Al! Please tell us something about yourself : )

I’m a graphic designer and artist living in Auckland, New Zealand. I drink double flat whites in a 6 oz cup. I have two kids, Mexico and Roman, who are awesome and have helped me develop this trendy half silver half normal colour hair look. My beautiful wife Taz is super awesome, she helps me get up every morning and puts on imaginary wings so I can try to fly. I like simplicity and quality.

Your illustrations look really lively. Could you share some insights into the style?

I developed my latest style at the start of last year when we moved to Sydney to live and work for a year. I had a really long commute on the train – some days up to 2 hours one-way. I would sit with my sketchbook and draw for half an hour, then take the illustrations into Illustrator on my laptop and crank out 3-4 illustrations a day. Travel was really good for my inspiration, especially Sydney as it’s such an amazing city.

Could you describe your illustrating process?

I draw everything by hand in pencil, pen or brush. If I don’t get it right, I just flick the page and start again. I usually get it right at the first time. Then I vectorise the line art and colour it. Lately I have been painting gouache on A2 watercolour paper which gives me so much fulfilment.

How do you think being featured on Kuvva platform will help you?

I feel honoured to be a part of Kuvva. It’s a community filled with exceptionally talented and industry famous artists. Just to sit alongside artists like Jean Jullien is an honour.

And last but not least: do you have any future project in mind?

Two kids’ books and my first art book are currently close to completion. I have just had Grain of Descent, a Melbourne based architect and surf craft builder, custom build for me a hollow core wooden surfboard. I am supplying original artwork which will be applied to the board. Hopefully it is something we can take further and create a series of collaborated boards.

Thank you Al!

Scroll down to see all the amazing artwork Al has for licencing on Kuvva!

‘Going Places’

‘Mobile Coffee’

‘Woody Wagon’

‘Bobbing Wave Slider’


‘Go For Gold’

‘Hand Crafted’

‘Tree House’

‘Honda C-70′

‘Tandem Campers’

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