Meet MARIKA TAMIAZZO and her precious minimal illustration

This week we’re very happy to show you gorgeous artwork by the talented artist Marika Tamiazzo. She’s a freelance illustrator from Italy and she’s loved to draw since she was a child. Her interests are in fashion and beauty. Marika depict her muses in detailed yet minimal line works with a touch of endearing femininity.

Hi Marika! Please tell us something about who you are and what you do.

I am an illustrator, but I studied creative and graphic design. I used to work as an art director for a graphic design studio until I moved for a year and a half to the US, there I rediscovered my passion for drawing and I decided to pursue it.

Could you share some insights into your style?

My current style is the result of trial and error. It’s a study. And I must admit I’m still studying! But I reckon I am getting closer to my true style. I like to experiment. Usually I work “analog” with paper and pencil, but I discovered the pleasure of drawing digitally (you can see my efforts on the illustrations I made for Kuvva!).

Could you describe your illustrating process?

I usually start looking for inspirations. Tumblr is a good source of big and beautiful pictures. If I can’t find anything that inspires me, I go to more fashion-oriented websites. When I find a picture I like, I start sketching, adding details from my imagination (or not, it depends!). After that I usually leave the drawing table for some time, and I come back and I see if there’s something to adjust; then I start “inking” it with a black pencil, adding shadows and filling it with details. I finish everything in Photoshop, where I add some texture to fake the paper, or a background color.

How do you think being featured on Kuvva platform will help you?

I hope it will help me getting my work known better! I am actually a very shy person so it is quite difficult for me to be able to get exposed in the right way : )

And last but not least: do you have any future project in mind?

I have a daily job to help me support myself financially, but I hope I will have enough commissions to be able to live only with my drawings! So that’s my main future project.

Thank you Marika and good luck!

Scroll down to see all the amazing artwork Marika has for licensing on Kuvva!



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