Nautilus Art Prints: beautiful graphic arts meet european pop culture

Belgium based Nautilus Art Prints started earlier last year with a head start on the limited edition poster market. What puts the gallery on their own league is the excellent screen printing craft, the outstanding selection of artists, and the rich theme of marrying illustrations with popular visual culture of Europe. Being cinema and graphic lovers themselves, Nautilus Art Prints has set a very high standard that will please the pickiest fans out there. Amazed by their endeavour, we reached out to one member, Jack Durieux, and had him share some amazing insights into the venture in doing what he, his brothers and friends love most.

Hi Jack! For those who don’t know you, would you be so kind to introduce yourself and what you’re passionate about?

Nautilus Art Prints, created by the Durieux brothers and a longtime friend (Thomas Durieux, Laurent Durieux, Jack Durieux, Philippe Romain), publishes and sells carefully screen printed, limited-edition posters that aim to re-interpret the great moments of European popular culture. We are all passionate about cinema, graphic design and illustration (obviously). We love highlighting movies that are not necessarily block busters but which we think deserve to be known more.

You and your brothers had Nautilus Art Prints in mind for a few years. How did the idea come about? And what made you decide to go for it?

Well, to be honest, we found out about this poster collecting hobby fairly recently when Laurent was firstly approached by a company based in Los Angeles (Dark Hall Mansion) and then by Mondo (based in Austin, TX) in 2011. We were amazed by the popularity of such market and by the very high quality of the artists, the quality of the screen prints as well as the ridiculously low selling prices. We thought Europe needed its Mondo and that’s why we actually contacted them to open some sort of franchise, a Mondo Europe branch. But it turned out they were not interested in such an outfit. So naturally we decided to go for it and created our own company. Et voilà…

Since you’re new in this business, what’s the biggest thing you’ve learned so far?

The franchise/license is the key to success. Of course the quality of the artist as well but I would say that’s secondary (though important). Building your own fan base is also extremely important and that takes time for people to know about what you do, for people to follow you on your artistic choices.

I must say this: Your current selection is super beautiful! What is your approach in selecting artists?

Each poster is the work of an illustrator or contemporary graphic designer, specifically selected by Nautilus for his/her style. We don’t have any specific approach nor do we seek for any specific style, what we’re after is quality AND originality. We have no desire to hire people who do stuff in the manner of… like sub Aaron Horkey‘s, sub Martin Ansin’s, etc… We are after true artists and illustrators who do things passionately and whom we share a connection with whether it’s artistically or graphically. Also, since we mainly do screen prints, it’s actually very hard to find a great illustrator who knows how to technically prepare a screen print layers and separation as well as feel the type. Their style has to be screen printable too, and when you narrow it down to people who have these 3 skills at once, believe me, they are not that many available… Being illustrators and graphic designers for over 20 years, we set our standards pretty high.

So what advice would you give to artists who want to collaborate with Nautilus Art Prints?

I think my answer can be found above. If you are a « follower » or some kind of « ersatz » of another well-known artist, then you’re probably not for us. We do receive a few mails from artists asking to collaborate with us but haven’t yet been impressed. We mainly find our artists through Internet, book covers designs, blogs, social medias, etc…

Thanks Jack for the chat!

Check out the teaser of how the layers of the screen prints come together and some great prints Nautilus has to offer below!

firstmen_reggoldsdgd “The First Men In The Moon” (regular) signed and numbered by Stan&Vince “20.000 Lieues Sous Les Mers” (variant) by Jonathan Burton “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea” (regular) by Jonathan Burton “Les 400 Coups” by Paul Blow “Jules Et Jim” by Mick Wiggins “Le Dernier Métro” by Jonathan Burton “Vivement Dimanche!” by François Schuiten “François À L’Américaine” by Laurent Durieux

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