The amazing art & people behind “Adventures of Poco Eco – Lost Sounds”

“In this universe all sounds have disappeared. The goal is to help Poco Eco find these lost sounds. We created a unique low poly world, loaded with interesting characters, lifeforms and music related equipments. The whole game-world reacts to the soundtrack – you can find symbols of music and different instruments everywhere.”Adventures of Poco Eco – Lost Sounds team

Oh boy, if this doesn’t ‘sound’ like a good game, I don’t know what else can be. Poco Eco catches my eyes as a one-of-a-kind game that challenges categories. This exploratory adventure game has the total package: top-notch music and breathtaking visuals. The former comes from Iamyank‘s newest LP – Lost Sounds. Being a highly acclaimed multi-talented artist: designer, musician, producer and composer from Hungary, Iamyank is notorious for filling venues he’s playing at the capital’s nightlife. He describes his music genre as dreamy electronic – influenced by all kind of soulful music. To visualise and build a captivating game world to do Iamyank’s beautiful tunes justice is the mission given to POSSIBLE Games, and they have done a brilliant job. The team manages to work out a perfect balance between fun-to-play puzzles, quick brain-teasers and a unique atmosphere of splendid music and graphics. It makes me curious – how did everything come together? I reached out to the team, and got wonderful responses from Attila Lőrincz – Head of Content – and the whole dev team. Read our chat below and dig in many exclusive sketches and art POSSIBLE Games has generously shared with us.

Hi POSSIBLE Games! For those who don’t know you, would you please tell us about yourself and what you are passionate about?

We are a squad of gamers, designers, music-addicts – dedicated people of different interests. No matter whether it’s a metal-fan level designer, a hip-hop influenced street artist, or a glitch-hop music producer, we always get ourselves aligned to reach the same goal we feel passionate about.

This is the first time a mobile game is released with an album and an album is released with a game. How did the decision come about?

Lost Sounds was a milestone in Iamyank’s career, so he wanted to release it in a special way no one did before. The idea of creating a mobile game based on the music came from nowhere, actually. We were hanging out with him many times after his gigs – he used to work there as a designer few years ago – and when yank told us about his intentions of the album release, we had this idea. To create a game. We started to think it over, and… well, the rest is history.

As with first times, what are some unexpected obstacles hurling at you along the way? And how did you deal with them?

As you can expect, there are specific stages along a several-month-long project when you have to throw ideas, directions, items – you thought were rock solid – to the bin. We were walking on a path not many did before, so it was really important that we always trusted our instincts, and saw the initial goal in front of us – this helped a lot.

I really love the game art. What did it take to come to that final look? And why did you decide to go for the low-poly/colorful gradient aesthetic?

Our art director’s signature style met the visual imprint of iamyank’s music in this low-poly form. Adventures of Poco Eco’s game world is the result of many hours of jointing sound inspiration that helped us create a precisely built musical-spiritual symbol system (e.g. music gods based on sound waves, stage names, interactive music elements on levels, etc.)

Do you have some advice for folks attempting to build mobile games, especially with an album tied with it?

Never give up, believe in yourself, trust your senses – if it seems right within, it will look right at the end, but for that you have to put all your efforts into the project to create something you can all be really proud of. Another advice is to only co-op with a producer whose music they can understand, live through & love – these three matters are must-haves to be able to work out a true extra addition to the beats with their energy.

Thank you Attila and the team!

Scroll down to see all the beautiful sketches and concept art of Adventures of Poco Eco – Lost Sounds!



intro_16 bear_god_lotus_ocean_2 ostrich_god_geyser_creeks_5 ostrich_god_geyser_creeks_15 bear_god_lotus_ocean_16 Poco_Eco_ipad_v2_1 Photo-18-07-14-18-08-05 adventures_of_poco_eco_presskit_8

Character Design

“We created a humanoid hero with an extreme look – listening to an old school walkman.” da1af92e467a986d2e785e863c8482ab 3bf1913dcb7082c3a4ca803a0fa02c66 e1e6b5be11f02f3e1dffc73effe4290b (1) 8c110d2b58caaec7a1c9e96380194578 e99dc57fec4c7e3c7e891539c1a51645 07cab1c8d65148ce64aaa4fc487f2e6a “Gods of sound: OSCHII the ostrich, BEATH the deer god, and LOWHBAZZ the bear who is the god of sub bass.” c273907af5071984cd4499420c422bb0 e69f2177aa7eefa79ebb3e551ed450c7 4ec967b3f6ce1604ea0d3991f911bced 9f970a676bfac301e647d59589dc300a 39e8d9a95e7303e7eb5a0f49d92161c5

Environment Art

d2b6febcc00551abd49886d12e8d9b4f “There are 12 interactive, exotic-organic stages to explore.” 02 05 puzzle_ideas_1 adventures-of-poco-eco poco_eco_36 aac7ed63d73106b09712509dc22bb873 bb4c18e195d69e46984fcfd04e8941ee 7884b745f36f43b4aea96e048826df36 2483a7fb0283418c26fc782b5e8c6861 adventures_of_poco_eco_presskit_2 adventures_of_poco_eco_presskit_4 adventures_of_poco_eco_presskit_3 adventures_of_poco_eco_presskit_5 adventures_of_poco_eco_presskit_6 adventures_of_poco_eco_presskit_7

User Interface


Album Cover

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Poco Eco has also inspired Fork4, one of the best street artists of Europe!

Feel the vibe? Purchasing the game gives free access to Lost Sounds LP too. Go download and enjoy this fantastic game here now!

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