36 Days Of Type – 36 days of gorgeous graphic & typography

36 Days of Type is a creative project curated by Rafa Goicoechea & Nina Sans. They invite illustrators, designers, and graphic artists to give their own takes on each letter (and number) of the Latin alphabet.

It’s a tough challenge. During 36 days, participants have to design a letter or number for each day and submit it daily via Instagram (project hashtag: #36daysoftype). But it’s also a delightful challenge. When it’s finished, you can sit back and have a look at the whole beautiful, unique alphabet. We love it. 36 Days of Type is a great way to showcase the beauty of diversity in creativity. Whether it is typography or anything else, the possibilities to illustrate one topic is endless.

Here are three sets of types we thoroughly enjoy and had absolute fun viewing them. Alert: lots of cool illustrations down there.

First up is Shiffa. He amazes us. We didn’t think he would create the whole alphabet in so many different styles. This usually goes wrong, misleading or confusing. But Shiffa made it cool. His zest unifies all his artwork together, while each of them still has so much to tell and so much to show.

A is for Africa B is for Bones C is for Cartoon D is for Doodles E is for Exercise F is for Freak G is for Grunge H is for Hipster I is for Iron Man J is for Jazz K is for Kimono L is for Lettering M is for Machine N is for Nipples O is for Obese P is for Pixel Q is for Queen R is for Rabid S is for Siren T is for Tattoo U is for Ugly V is for Voodoo W is for Walter White X is for Xoloitzcuintle Y is for Young Z is for Zebra 0 is for Zero 1 is for One 2 is for Two 3 is for Three 4 is for Four 5 is for Five 6 is for Six 7 is for Seven 8 is for Eight 9 is for Nine

Rafael Mayani continues to surprise us. Each letter is a cutout of a unique perspective of a particular world. And how rich those worlds are! Some are full of colours, some are packed with lively brush strokes, some are bursting with lovely textures, and some are stocked with energetic lines. We can’t get enough of them!

Justyna Szczepankiewicz‘s creations must be the most cheerful thing we’ve ever seen. She must have had lots of fun doing the challenge. The clear lines, candy colours that are slightly offset, and a touch of powdery texture are the wonderful ingredients that glue our eyes to the artwork. It’s stunning. It’s beautiful. It warms us up with a tingly sensation.

Go to #36daysoftype to see more great artwork made for 36 Days of Type!

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