‘Better Save Soil’ animation – critical message in a charming package

We love learning useful facts about the environment while having fun doing it. Especially the gorgeous kind of fun. Something like ‘Planet Under Pressure’ by Moth Collective lifts our heart and sets our mind into making the world a better place.

This time we found another gem, ‘Better Save Soil’, a 3D-animated visual essay about the element our planet was named after. This precious short was made possible by IASS (Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies) in Potsdam. They commissioned Uli Streckenbach and Ronny Schmidt to create films to generate awareness of soil. Yeah, doesn’t sound very exciting. But keep going, there is a need to address this vital resource.

“As a matter of fact, fertile soil forms the foundation for our modern society. No soil – an uncomfortable life. It should be obvious that we have to do everything we can to sustain it – but a closer look around us tells a very different story.” – Uli & Ronny

Can’t say enough how we dig the texture and modelling of the animation. Everything is just nice and soothing to look at. Even the spider robot. Every perspective and motion is executed in fine rhythms. Especially that spider robot. Besides, the combination of geometric characters and soft-brushed landscape works beautifully and creates the right amount of contrast. Those visual details accompany and reinforce the narrative very well. People eating from other people’s plates, shopping choices burden or lighten the consequences. All great metaphors each and every one of us can relate to.

“The goal of our film is to communicate possible solutions and motivate people like you and me to change something – because even the smallest decision in our everyday lives carries weight.” – Uli & Ronny

‘Better Save Soil’ is actually a prequel of ‘Let’s Talk about Soil’ (also made by Uli Streckenbach & Ronny Schmidt), which was premiered at the first Global Soil Week.





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