Discover the elegant, refreshing illustrations by Anna Grimal

Summer is coming! We’re super excited to bring you this cool illustration breeze by talented artist Anna Grimal. Most of her work looks deceptively simple, yet loaded with energy and characters. The line work and shading seem to be delicate, yet construct powerful and lovable personalities. You’ve got to love them. Whatever those characters are doing in Anna’s artwork, they exude pure raison d’être that is so inspiring.

Anna Grimal was born in 1985 in Girona, Spain. She completed a a degree in Art and Design and a training cycle illustration at the Massana School (Barcelona). Since then, she has had her work exhibited in Palafrugell and several galleries in Barcelona. Anna’s main work is for publications such as journals, newspapers, magazines and books. She’s currently living in Palafrugell (after 7 years in Barcelona) between the sea and mountain and enjoying the uplifting nature.

We contacted Anna and had this great chance to talk about her passion, her feminine illustration style, and the process she goes through with every artwork. Enjoy!

Hi Anna, please tell us something about who you are and what you are passionate about.

I’m Anna and I’m an illustrator. I don’t see my life without drawing. I love my work and I’m passionate about music and literature. That helps me have a more creative-surrounded world. They are also my props to draw more dreamlike worlds.

Could you share some insights into your current illustration style?

My illustration is dreamlike and naive. It is a very feminine and personal world full of nature.

Could you describe your illustrating process?

First I think of an idea or an idea occurs to me. Then I try to pass to the phase of doing sketches. This is the step that I take more time with. Then everything is flowing. After that I review the whole piece with pen, finish details with crayons, and finally move to Photoshop.

How do you think being featured on Kuvva platform will help you?

You can help me to let people know my art. This can translate into work for me.

And last but not least: do you have any future project in mind? Or any new themes of motifs you want to incorporate into your work, but haven’t had the chance yet?

I would love to make prints for fashion, or see some of my drawings appearing in clothing. Something like illustrating a wine, making a mural, etc. would be nice too. I like those that I just think about and ideas already come.

Thanks Anna!

Scroll down to see all the beautiful artwork Anna has for licensing on Kuvva!

Pink Lady

Vida Azul

Jimmy Hendrix

Sumérgete en un libro

Green Love

‘La ciencia de Soñar despierto’

‘We don’t need another hero!!’






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