The exquisite watercolour renditions of worldwide architecture, by Sunga Park

“Based in Busan, South Korea but traveling and working artist over the world. I majored in economics and didn’t have a regular art school training, but still learning everything from the road.”Sunga Park

Sunga Park is an incredible self-taught artist. She travelled to many countries in Europe and Asia with her sketchbooks and watercolours. Her artwork are full of intuition, vigor and keen observation. Watercolours and detailed line work are always a killer combo, but to do it the way Sunga did, is another level of artistry.

She takes full advantage of watercolour’s spontaneity and versatility. Each colour bleeds into one another in a marvelous harmony. Some buildings are twisted in an interesting manner – the way you look at water flowing and hourglass trickling. Through the various manifestations of shades, you see time fleeting by, plaster aging, rain eroding, metal rusting, dust covering. Sunga reflected those beautiful colours of time beautifully and truthfully.

Most work leaves the impression of being ‘unfinished’, while actually opens up space for viewers to complete the picture in their own way. The contrast of defined line work and melted watercolours unfolds another great perspective. It reminds us of how great we build everything up from scratch, and how effortlessly they’re all destined to turn into scratch one day. Glorious, yet fragile. To capture such fleeting moment on paper, that’s a feat we love Sunga for.

You can follow her on Behance, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, or buy her prints via Etsy.

Here is a short clip showing how Sunga bleeds watercolour on paper. This is the first step before adding more details with pens and other colour layers.

Whitehall street entrance, London Harrods, London Spamalot palace theatre, London Martyrs memorial, Oxford Tom gate, Oxford Oxford Oxford street Istanbul Ayasofia, Istanbul Yangon, Myanmar Paris Sacre-Coeur church in Montmartre, Paris Palace of Versailles, France Clermont-Ferrand, France Qingdao, China Venice Basilica Papale di San Francesco, Assisi, Italy Varanasi, India Mumbai CST Kolkata, India Orchha, India Dublin, Ireland Stockholm, Sweden Ljubljana, Slovenia Budapest, Hungary Zagreb, Croatia

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