“The Middle Of Nowhere” hand-drawn comic by Alex Griffiths

This hand-drawn, self-published comic is Alex Griffiths‘ first attempt at making narrative-illustration book. It tells an adventure of a fox following a call from an anonymous letter. It’s a melancholy experience to witness and to behold.

“My work is strongly influenced by traditional children’s book hand-drawn and whimsical illustration. I particularly love the work of E.H Shepard, his drawing style was so natural.” – Alex shared.

Alex made all the artwork in the book just by pen on paper – a classic of all classics. The monochrome tone and rough rendering create a distinct texture for the book. You perceive the toughness of life there, as well as a touch of tenderness in the design of the characters. As Alex did shading entirely by hand, every scene is filled with contingency and tactility.

This isn’t the first time the London-based illustrator starring animals in his artwork. He just loves drawing them, especially a suit-clad fox smoking a pipe and a long-limbed, somber monkey. They lend themselves well to anthropomorphism, and especially the style Alex works. Around them, Alex creates an incredibly detailed world that crosses between fairy tales and fables. It can be very simple, natural, and raw as the style suggests. It can be dark and melancholy as the expressions and body language as the characters show. There is absolute no text besides the pictures. We readers are trusted to imagine the rest of the narrative. So you have your very own version, a unique connection to the book that nobody has.

You can buy “The Middle Of Nowhere” book on Alex’s webshop. Here is a walkthrough.

The cabin in the wood is my favourite piece. The perspective is just so great. You get that lonely and isolated feeling in the middle of nowhere. The sky is barely visible, which emphasizes the vastness and endlessness of the forest.

Although the fox met many animals on its way, there is an unshakable mood of loneliness around it. On a positive note: the book ends with the scene of the fox being together with a friend.

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