A blazing redesign of classic comic characters, by Ágreda

It’s a great, great, great pleasure to marvel at José Luis Ágreda‘s illustrated comic roster. The characters range from mainstream comics to more offbeat graphic novels.

Ágreda makes use of extreme perspectives to bring out the most dynamic compositions. Each and every piece is unbelievably gorgeous. He hardly uses more than 3 colours for each character, but that is more than enough to stir up all those sweet memories we have with the comics.

The powerhouse of these artwork is the sleek and bold contours. The way they flow creates well-defined and full shapes. Especially the limbs. Ágreda draws some of the most expressive limbs I’ve ever seen. You can recognise the portrayed heroes right away. They just look a bit differently, as if they’ve appeared in another dimension – the Ágreda dimension!

José Luis Ágreda is a freelance illustrator and cartoonist living and working in Spain. His work frequently appears in newspapers and magazines (El Pais, El Jueves, Fotogramas, Orgullo y Satisfacción…), and in the main Spanish book publishers (Planeta, Norma, Santillana, Pearson, Espasa…).

Below are some of our favourites from Ágreda’s super cool characters. You can see more and follow his beautiful artwork on his website, Behance, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter.

e4229cd230faec2d7895de8e3ba2eca2 Batman Dark Night Jerome K. Jerome Bloch Devil Dinosaur and Kamandi Alack Sinner Lieutenant Blueberry Corto Maltes Blake and Mortimer Astro Boy Adele Blanc Sec Elektra Franka Freddy Lombard Gunsmith Cats Hellboy Jeremiah Jimmy Corrigan Johan and Pirluit Little Nemo d015b9ca23ea629631e387ee3f0781ed Lucky Luke Maggie and Hopey Major Grubert Modesty Blaise The Phantom Mort Cinder Popeye Prince Valiant Private Eye Rip Kirby Roco Vargas Spirou Superman Kaneda Theodore Poussin Tintin Torpedo Capitan Trueno

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