Draw cool illustrations with just rectangles, circles & lines

Talented designer Erqiudao drew 18 famous robots from popular culture for a product of his company. They became so popular that many started asking how he made them in Sketch. Yes he made them with Sketch, but his method is very simple and efficient that you can basically do the same in any other vector-based softwares like Illustrator and After Effect. Here is the making of the cool robots Erqiudao has generously shared:

“You don’t need to use a pen tool to add lots of vector point and measure, adjust the curves. And you don’t need to use mouse to look up the Sketch menu to find all the functions, because 98% of the step I use shortcuts.”

For Robby the Robot above, Erqiudao divided him into several parts.

Then he did each part bit by bit.

So now he has all the part.

That can be put together in the right position. Done!

Here is the colour palette for the robots illustrations.

Try to draw other robots here and let us know how it turns out!

*All images are by courtesy of Erqiudao and shown here only for educational purpose.

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