Reimagine the future with the ‘THINK’ posters by IBM

Artificial and Augmented Intelligence (AI) is the theme of the 30 latest posters made for IBM‘s continuing ‘THINK’ series. Each poster illustrates a quote about the evolution of AI, the relationship of ‘Man with Machine’, and the keyword ‘think’. 30 talented artists worldwide have completed this challenge with flying colours. A good mix of typography, CG & hand-drawn illustrations, together with photography has brought diverse perspectives to the table. It’s super interesting to contemplate the many-layer image, the weighty quote, and most of all, the marvelous combination of the two.

IBM’s prestigious ‘THINK’ series dated back to the ‘THINK’ campaign that won the Gold Design Lion at Cannes Lions 2012 and many other honourable awards. At that time, the good old poster was chosen as the medium to carry the message of art, science, and technology and challenge the audience to ‘think’.

For this latest series, there are also GIFs in addition to the downloadable posters. Take your time, scroll down, and enjoy the astounding art.

No.1 of 30 – illustrated by Kai and Sunny

Post 1_4.21.151 “I believe we are migrating toward a networked environment in which thinking is no longer an individual activity, nor bound by time and space.” – Douglas Rushkoff – Media Theorist, Author, Present Shock

No.2 of 30

Post 2_4.21.15 “The substrate of future thoughts will sit somewhere on a continuum within a rainbow of intelligences, from regular-I to AI.” – Roger Highfield – Science Writer, Museum Director

No.3 of 30

Post 3_4.21.15 “Decades of technological innovation have created a world system so complex and fast-moving that it is quickly becoming beyond human capacity to comprehend, much less manage. If we are to avoid civilizational catastrophe, we need more than clever new tools – we need allies and agents.” – Paul Saffo – Technology Forecaster, Stanford University

No.4 of 30

Post 4_4.21.15 “Technology should work for people, not the other way around.” – Brad Becker – Chief Design Officer, IBM Watson

No.5 of 30 – illustrated by Elise Richardson

Post 5_4.22.15 “Number crunching can only get you so far. Intelligence, artificial or otherwise, requires knowing why things happen, what emotions they stir up, and being able to predict possible consequences of actions.” – Roger Schank – Psychologist & Computer Scientist, Engines for Education Inc.

No.6 of 30

Post 6_4.22.15 “The true transforming genius of human intelligence is not individual thinking at all but collective, collaborative and distributed intelligence – the fact that… it takes thousands of different people to make a pencil, not one of whom knows how to make a pencil.” – Matt Ridley – Science Writer, Author, The Rational Optimist

No.7 of 30

Post 7_4.22.15 “Racing with the machine beats racing against the machine. Technology is not destiny. We shape our destiny.” – Erik Brynjolfsson – Director, MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy

No.8 of 30 – illustrated by Adam Hayes

Post 8_4.22.151 “How do we redesign how we think?” – Mike Rhodin – Senior Vice President, IBM Watson Group

No.9 of 30

Post 9_4.23.15 “We need to broaden our perspective to see technologies from design, humanities, art, psychology and social aspects and vice versa.” – Pranav Mistry – Global Vice President , Samsung

No.10 of 30 – illustrated by Michael Lester

Post 10_4.24.15 “Cognitive computing can help with our own limitations.” – Brad Becker – Chief Design Officer, IBM Watson

No.11 of 30

Post 11_4.24.15 “This idea of cognitive computing is, simply put, going to fundamentally change the relationship between humans and machines.” – Mike Rhodin – Senior Vice President, IBM Watson Group

No.12 of 30

Post 12_4.24.2015 “As we understand ourselves better, we can make our technology work better for us.” – Brad Becker – Chief Design Officer, IBM Watson

No.13 of 30 – illustrated by Gwen Vanhee and Wim Vanhenden

Post 13_4.25.15 “Like no other technology, AI forces us to explore the boundaries between machines and humans.” – Irving Wladawsky-Berger – Chairman, Emeritus, IBM Academy of Technology

No.14 of 30 – photographed by Jake Chessum

Post 14_4.25.15 “Payoff will come when we make better use of computers to bring communities of people together and to augment the very human skills that people bring to bear on difficult problems.” – Douglas Engelbart – Human-computer interaction engineer

No.15 of 30 – illustrated by Michael Brandon Myers

Post 15_4.25.15 “The most important thing about making machines that can think is that they will think different.” – Kevin Kelly – Senior Maverick, Wired

No.16 of 30 – photographed by Jake Chessum

Post 16_4.26.15 “If AI can help humans become better chess players, it stands to reason it can help us become better pilots, better doctors, better judges, better teachers.” – Kevin Kelly – Senior Maverick, Wired

No.17 of 30 – illustrated by Emil Karlsson

Post 17_4.26.15 “Everything that we formerly electrified we will now cognitize.” – Kevin Kelly – Senior Maverick, Wired

No.18 of 30

Post 18_4.26.15 “Some prominent scientific gurus are scared by a world controlled by thinking machines… I am more concerned about a world led by people, who think like machines.” – Haim Harari – Founder and Chair, Weizmann Institute of Science

No.19 of 30 – illustrated by Mindflyer

Post 19_4.27.15 (1) “What we want is the ability to experience, grow, and contribute more, for both humans and machines, and the two in symbiosis and synthesis.” – Melanie Swan – Principal, MS Futures Group

No.20 of 30 – photographed by Craig Cutler

Post 20_4.27.15 “Thinking is good. Understanding is better. Creating is best.” – Professor Thomas A. Bass – University at Albany, Author,The Spy Who Loved Us

No.21 of 30 – illustrated by Yulia Vysotskaya

Post 21_4.27.15 “Innovation is creativity with a job to do.” – John Emmerling – Innovation Consultant, Author

No.22 of 30 – illustrated by Dan Stiles, makeup by Ilise Harris

Post 22_4.28.15 “Imagine a new tool… that can help us see the world and its possibilities in new ways.” – Mike Rhodin – Senior Vice President, IBM Watson Group

No.23 of 30

Post 23_4.28.15 “What we need is to create a system that is ideal for the coming world of unstructured data.” – Jon Iwata, IBM, SVP Marketing & Communications

No.24 of 30

Post 24_4.28.15 “That’s really what it’s about. The intersection of artificial intelligence with business intelligence.” – Terry Jones – Wayblazer Chairman, Founder, Founding Chairman

No.25 of 30

Post 25_4.29.15 “I can’t wait for our machines to grow up, to get more poetry and humor. This should be the art project of the century.” – Professor Thomas A. Bass – University at Albany, Author, The Spy Who Loved Us

No.26 of 30

Post 26_4.29.151 “The world’s most difficult problems will be solved by a combination of humans and computers coming together.” – Sean Gourley – Founder, Quid

No.27 of 30 – illustrated by Su Rui

Post 27_4.29.15 “True knowledge and independent opinion must come from science.” – Sun Yat-sen – First President, People’s Republic of China

No.28 of 30 – illustrated by Louis Mallart

Post 28_4.30.15 “We should consider the future world as one of multi-species intelligence.” – Melanie Swan – Principal, MS Futures Group

No.29 of 30 – illustrated by I Love Dust

Post 29_4.30.15 “Machines that nag and brag will be supplanted by those that express admiration for our abilities, even as they augment them. They will encourage us warmly, share our opinions, and guide us to new insights so subtly that we imagine that we thought of them.” – Professor Randolph Nesse – Center for Evolution & Medicine, Arizona State University, Coauthor, Why We Get Sick

No.30 of 30

Poster 301 “Instead of pure intelligence, we need to build intelligence that is probably aligned with human values.” – Professor Stuart Russell – UC Berkeley, Coauthor, AI: A Modern Approach

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