The crisp & cool illustrations by Jorge Lawerta

Looking at Jorge Lawerta‘s artwork is like getting a wham! in the face. The colours are bold, the lines are daring, almost to the point of popping the illustrations out of the 2D surface. The attitude of each character shines through. Another striking feature: the enormous confidence in using a wide variety of line weights. They define the kind of crisp and rad shapes we can’t get enough. What you see there is raw power, passion, and talent – a wonder to marvel at.

It’s a pleasure for us to have him share his 3 favourite recent work. Scroll down and enjoy. You’ll be filled with energy and warmth by the time you take a good look at Jorge’s work. Promise.

You can follow and see more of his fantastic work on his website, Instagram, Twitter, Behance, Dribbble, Facebook, Vimeo.

Berluti – Illustrations for Berluti´s stores window display on their París boutiques.

“The main idea was to play “exquisite corpse” – creating hodgepodge images composed partly of drawings and partly of Berluti apparel and accessories. Berluti is an old and classic fashion brand that has dressed people like Andy Warhol or Fred Astaire, but they want to renew that image by adding “unexpected” characters wearing their clothes.” “The process was simple. Client sent me the product (usually with a mannequin) and I had to fill the rest with illustrations. First we defined the type of characters, and tried to be different from one to another: rockstar, skater, bodybuilder, etc.” unnamed


Argento – Personal project.

“I don´t like to always draw the same thing, so I jump from lettering to characters anytime I can. The word “argento” is sort of a shortcut to say something is 110% (not 100%) Argentinian.
I´m married to an Argentinian woman and that´s like being married to Argentina itself. Either you love it or you hate it, there´s no grey, only black and white. I love the country, the food, the culture… So many friends and family… I want to pay tribute to all those things I love by showing how they speak.
I tried to used a limited color palette inspired from their flag, their sunset… I tried to rescue that aesthetic from cumbia or Latin concerts:”

48503 “Then I made all these sentences that are pretty much all Argentinians say somehow.”


Your friends are cooler than me – Personal project.

“Well, nowadays there are millions of people that have become brands themselves. People who have million followers and sell that image of cool, beautiful, interesting people.
For me, following a lot of those people, those “characters” are really interesting. And from an aesthetic point of view, I love them.”

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