Geoff McFetridge talks about his career & style development

We talked about Geoff McFetridge’s work before. The man is well-known with his contemporary illustration featuring conceptual shapes in plain colours. And now we see the him in the flesh next to his work. It’s nothing short of wonders.

First thing, Geoff pulled off some very nice skateboarding. Then he sat down calm and cool in his Los Angeles studio and discussed many topics. Concerning the beginning of his prolific career, Geoff collectedly recalled his big moment.

“The biggest thing was that I met the guy from XL Large and they opened a gallery. So I had a show. I was in part of a groups show, and then they were like “Oh that is good. Do you want to have a small show?” So I did a small show. Then I had a full show. That was basically everything I make now comes out of that work.” Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 17.35.09

The development of his artistic style is a very interesting one, because Geoff is the one not being afraid of repeating himself.

“I feel like what I do is experimenting with “what if you actually did?” Instead of going like “oh my god, I cannot draw that thing over and over again”, then I go like “yeah, keep drawing that over and over again.”” Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 17.36.25

He welcomes repetition at its best. Not duplicating, but refining.

“But at the same time, there is the other half of what I do, which is I want to come up with something new everyday, in a small way. You kind of narrow the field down to: “I only draw shapes, but I also invent shapes”. Although you’re super narrow, you’re also like: “What’s harder than inventing a shape?” That’s actually bottomless. That’s infinite.”” Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 17.35.55

Hats off to you, Geoff.

Watch the whole talk below, hosted by Chris Pastras and directed by Jonny Look.

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