“The Lost Sloth” – behind the scene with Bee Grandinetti


Me too. When I clicked “Find It”, I knew I was about to fall down the rabbit/sloth hole. The design of the place is super clean and cool with many astonishing details. The gameplay is simple and intuitive. On top of that, the music is really jolly and uplifting. Oh I won’t mind finding that sloth. Not at all.

After scanning my cursor everywhere to make sure I’ve seen everything there is at the scene, I went behind it to seek the great creator of this absolute delight. There I found Bee Grandinetti, illustrator and animator of “The Lost Sloth”, talking about the making of the game and her love for animation. Surprisingly, it was not the first thing she chose to major in.

“I grew up in Belo Horizonte, in the warm lands of Brazil, where I studied graphic design for 4 years at UEMG. I graduated in 2011 and ended up moving to São Paulo, where I worked for 1 year and a half at Box1824, a research bureau in trends, behavior and innovation. It was pretty awesome, but I decided it was time to give my motion fling a proper chance. Packed my stuff and went to Sweden in 2013 to study motion graphics at Hyper Island. After that, I had a lovely internship with the guys from Brikk, in Stockholm. Then I came to London and had two more great internships at BlinkInk and Animade. Been happily freelancing ever since.”

“The Lost Sloth” came about during Bee’s time at Animade. It was a challenge. A random challenge.

“During my internship at Animade, the guys teamed me up with the other intern, Max Stoiber (on the interactive side), on an intern jam. They gave us a random word picked from a hat – “hollow” – and we had 2 weeks to come up with an interactive toy based on that.

We had a super fun brainstorming session in the first morning, just crazy writing on Post-its whatever that came up. Then, this idea of a treasure hunt on an X-ray scenario came up. And well, we both just shared a love for sloths, of course.

At the beginning, we wanted to do a lot of levels, but we realised soon enough that wouldn’t be doable within the timeframe, hehe. But it was great just having ideas together of what to add to the scenario. I was working on the design and animation for it while Max was playing his magic with coding and prototyping the whole thing.”

Max and Deborah digging the slothy world

In search of “The Lost Sloth”, players can also encounter familiar characters like Totoro, Pikachu, the cowboy from Ready Steady Play, Fin from Adventure Time, R2-D2, and many more in the most bizarre places.

“This was kind of for our own delight, really. We needed to fill the scenario with elements to create a sort of a “Where’s Waldo” feel, but we wanted to do it in a fun way. So we just paid homage to some of our personal heroes and some of other previous Animade projects we also loved.”

There you have it, all these great stuff realised in the time of 2 weeks. Want to pull off the same feat? Here are some words of wisdom from the horse’s mouth.

“Be nice to your developer and talk a lot so you make it easier for both of you, hahaha. But really, I made Max’s life so hard with all those hand drawn stuff. It makes .svgs massive. He might have wanted to kill me. A bit. But I didn’t know a lot about designing for coding purposes and that was big learning! There were a lot of different potentials and limitations from my previous experiences.”

For the time ‘bee’-ing, Bee is having many promising stuff going on.

“There’s this other stupid interactive little thing I’ve been putting together with my boyfriend (he’s also a developer). Below is an early sketch from it. But I have quite a few animation projects I’ve started but still haven’t found the spare time to finish.
Looking forward to when I have the time to give a bit of love to those!”


Watch out for more great and fun stuff from Bee. Here are her Behance, Dribbble, Vimeo, Youtube.

Scroll down for more awesome sketches for “The Lost Sloth”.

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 22.29.37 Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 22.29.00 Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 22.29.51

This one is undeniably my favourite. Of all time.

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