A grand visual tribute to 8 feature films by Wes Anderson

Over the course of 20 years, many of us have fallen for the phenomenon called Wes Anderson. With nine feature films under his belt and one coming up, the talented director still manages to wow us consistently. Each film is a different colour, a different tone, a different story, yet all is unmistakably Wes Anderson. Maybe it’s that symmetrical camera angle, or that dry humour, or that pure emotion displayed nakedly on-screen. Whatever that is, we just fell in love with the story worlds and, maybe subconsciously, try to immerse ourselves in Wes Anderson’s magnificent imaginations.

Gifted illustrator Mark Dingo Francisco is one of us. He realised Wes Anderson’s fictional film locations as real landmarks in a splendid postcard series. The tribute succeeds in capturing the sui generis features of each feature. Lots of nice details there, and a nice dose of texture.

Seeing them gives you the desire to travel, and sending them would give you the feeling of being there. It’s genius. But Mark doesn’t have an online store to sell them yet. Feel free to contact him for more info on his Tumblr, Behance, Instagram.

Here, the deluxe and gorgeous Grand Budapest hotel. The lush greenery and wilderness of the Moonrise Kingdom. The warmth and fable-ness of Fantastic Mr.Fox. The exotic and rough Darjeeling Limited. The adventurous and heroic aquatic life with Steve Zissou. The sternness with a touch of wonder in The Royal Tenenbaums. The comedic and youthful Rushmore. The lesser known Bottle Rocket short that started it all.

Also, the fictional destinations with their respective symbols on the stamps. How thoughtful!

And this is Wes Anderson, drawn by Mark with all the wonderful places he has created.

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