“Between Bears” – An exquisite masterpiece by Eran Hilleli

If you have followed Eran’s work, you would notice how strangely captivating his style is. At first, I was like: polygonal shapes? Sharp lighting? The intrigue is so great that I keep staring and at some point, it clicks. Everything makes perfect sense. I fall into Eran Hilleli’s world and would refuse to embrace anything else.

For his graduation film, Eran made it as a tribute to his childhood and the imaginary worlds he had dreamed about. So “Between Bears” conveys the mood, atmosphere, emotions, and feelings revolving around the subjects, rather than a clear storyline. It’s an ethereal visual ballad. An exquisite impressionist piece of art.

“A debt to my childhood and other lives I hope I lived. Inspired by words of songs that I admire.

It started with this group of characters walking in my mind, probably inspired by the Fleet Foxes song “White Winter Hymnal”, mixed with “The Big White Bear”, my friend Daniela Spector’s song, and by “The Devil”, a Pj Harvey song.

I jumped into it creating the world and characters and looking for the story inside. Things that happen in my film were not carefully planned, it is not really about bears. It reflects a journey I made and wanted to share with others.” Eran shared.

Together with Eran’s visual narrative, the soundtrack of “Between Bears” plays a great role in guiding the audience into the short’s dreamlike world. It is original music composed and performed by Eran’s friends, Ori Avni and Daniela Spector. You can download the mini album here. Incredible ambient tracks!

Below is the animation itself and some sketches by Eran Hilleli. You can also follow his work on his Tumblr, Vimeo, Twitter, Instagram.

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