“Earthling” – A bizarrely funny comic series by Tatsuro Kiuchi

“Earthling” the comic series is exactly what helps you unwind. That is, if you’re into nonsensical stories. Although the main character is a personified Earth and the theme is global warming-related, there are more trolling than anything else. Earthling as a boy is very nice and innocent, exactly the kind that often finds himself getting into weird situations. He also met weird creatures, oh yes, there is an Earth hugger, a tea stalk, a Dust Angel, a human plant, and an invisible dog. All the more reason to appreciate the absurdity!

Talented artist Tatsuro Kiuchi first made “Earthling” for the quarterly magazine “The Thinker” (Kangaeru Hito), published by Shinchosha publishing. The visual is rough and full of texture (which he kindly shared his process here). It reminds me of the small comics in corners of newspapers a long time ago. The nostalgia doesn’t stop there. There is one little girl that was drawn in such a way that reminds me of how Tottochan was drawn by Chihiro Iwasaki.

For the folks who can read Japanese, you’re in for a treat. There are 102 stories in Japanese and 51 stories in English in the “Earthling” comic book, which you can buy at Amazon. Below are a few strips from the book Tatsuro Kiuchi has kindly shared. You can see more great work from him on his website, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Vimeo.



Way back:

A Day on The Planet:


Telephone 1:

Telephone 2:

Dust Angel:



Fur Coat 1:

Fur Coat 2:

Chance Encounter:

My Strict Father:

Global Warming:

Raw Egg:

Human Plant:

Garbage Bag:


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