Meet MARTÍN AZAMBUJA and his cordial illustrations

We’re soo excited to feature the gorgeous set of wallpapers by Martín Azambuja on Kuvva! Check all of them here if you haven’t. The artwork are minimal with a compelling touch on the details. Maybe it’s the pattern, the texture, the composition, the colour, etc. It can go on and on, you can’t pinpoint why, and your eyes are still transfixed. That’s what great artwork does, that’s what a talented illustrator can make. Martín Azambuja is one as such. So we knocked on his door and had this opportunity to have him share the details of the love of his life.

Hi Martín! Please tell us something about who you are and what you are passionate about.

Hello! My name is Martín Azambuja, I am 27 years old and I work as a designer and illustrator based in Montevideo, Uruguay. 

“several times I drew without doing anything else for hours”

From childhood I was attracted to drawing. I remember several times I drew without doing anything else for hours. I liked sketching things I saw and drew pencil portraits of people, always with pencil. I enjoyed playing with shadows and strokes to get different tones. I remember my parents were surprised at how I could spend hours just drawing a house, a tree, a landscape, etc… I really enjoyed it. 

When the first computer arrived at my house, I remember I illustrated many things in the classic program called “Paint”. At that time, I drew with the mouse anything close by like album covers, book covers, etc. I don´t have these files anymore : (

When I was growing up, I always thought about studying architecture. But then I was introduced to graphic design profession through a one-day workshop, and I chose this career. No doubt it should be a career in which illustration is important. Right now most of my work is illustration stuff.

I’m lucky that my parents have encouraged me to do what I want since my childhood. Their support to me is very important in order to go through 4 years of design college.

Could you share some insights into your current illustration style?

“what always catches my attention is Swiss design and the designers of that era”

Since I’m interested in graphic design and illustration, what always catches my attention is Swiss design and the designers of that era. Many things resolved with few elements, but the composition was always excellent thanks to those invisible grids. Until today I still like many designs from that time, and I think that subconsciously I introduce them to my work in terms of simplicity in form, items and composition.

I do not think I have a very personal style or super identifiable as other illustrators, but I always work and think with the same parameters and try to make the same choices when it comes to work: grid, geometry, clear and orange, always orange! haha. I have flexibility for different types of work while keeping certain basis, which I believe to improve the final design or illustration.

Could you describe your illustrating process?

Anytime I am contacted for a job, I try to know well the situation and what the client is looking for to send an adequate and well-detailed budget. After that, I also have some questions (similar to a brief) that sometimes I send to the client to get more information. This is good because it forces the client to become more involved in the project and to provide information that sometimes is impossible to get since I’m not in the physical place or in his head. 

After the work is confirmed, I start researching a lot about the project, seeing things that the client has done before, similar things from other brands, who is the target audience of the illustration or design, which is to be used, etc. Without doubt, this is one of the most important parts because you’re filling your head with some information that consciously or unconsciously you’re going to use. It also serves to learn new things that in some cases you wouldn’t get the chance.

“I work 99% with Adobe Illustrator”

After obtaining this information, I move to the step-by-step sketch. My pencil sketches are pretty basic and even sometimes I’m embarrassed to show them. I think this also depends on the client. Sometimes the basic sketch can confuse people, so I prefer to send a little more advanced vectors showing the process I made to get that solution. Then if it is approved, I move to a final phase in which I work in details of the illustration and sometimes I even make small changes to get to the final version. Always I work with Adobe Illustrator and sometimes I make some final touches with Photoshop but honestly, I work 99% with Illustrator. I like the clean shapes and I feel comfortable with that program.

How do you think being featured on Kuvva platform will help you?

Since I saw Kuvva, I like the illustrators they have and also how the platform works. It’s great to be part of this list and I also want my work to reach a diverse audience and elsewhere. I think every platform can help your work if you use it the right way.

And last but not least: do you have any future project in mind?

Right now I’m doing a lot of things based on my city. I want to illustrate the place where I live and to give a different point of view. These things include maps, stamps and other local things. I am also working on a project with the friends from Lost Type, hope you can see something soon!

Thanks Martín!

Scroll down to see all the wonderful artwork Martín has for licensing on Kuvva! You can see more of Martín’s great artwork on his website, Dribbble, Behance, Twitter, Instagram.

“Deer” “Plane I” “Plane II” “Music I” “Music II” “Dinner Is Ready” “Kitchen Shapes” “Cocina”

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