Monsterkompendium by Celsius Pictor – perfect for your Halloween

If you stumble upon Monsterkompendium without knowing beforehand what it really is, you may just buy the story at first sight. These extraordinary mechanical animals are a complete wonder. It gives the same thrill that a cabinet of curiosities would do centuries ago.

“Bestiary unpublished about a utopia natural world where animal species coexist and complement with the mechanics.”

But this time, this compilation of biological research by lord Philip Polkar I is actually a collage project by artist Celsius Pictor. By pairing existing animals and mechanical parts, Celsius worked out a series of wondrous beasts. Yes, this mechanical zoology sure looks weird, but at the same time, it makes you think “why not?” These imageries are a true eye opener of borderline manifestation between nature and artificiality.

What’s also remarkable about the project is that Celsius wrapped the whole thing within a story world. The surrounding fiction provides a safe environment for those mechanic beasts to unveil themselves to the world. I wouldn’t mind seeing one for real this Halloween. And you?

You can see more great work from Celsius Pictor on his website, Tumblr, Twitter, Dribbble.

Sparrows – Sparrow evolved in the first half of the 20th century in the north islands. Poisonous chameleon – Belongs to the species of chameleons but this animal is crossed with the rattlesnake and he snaps his castanets(1) when he feels threatened. Steamsnail – One of the main characteristics of the animals of the mysterious continent is that mechanic evolution has eliminated their weak spots. The steam snail proves this thesis and also provides an example of sense of humor that prevails in this land. The bizarre giant bird – The sailors who accompanied Philip on its second voyage, fled in terror to hear the chanting of this terrible animal. The author was not able to describe that sound in his notes. The Openbill – This species of stork is one of the most evolved animals and was discovered by Lord Philip on his 2nd travel. Although it feeds on fish, the place from whence he draws his fuel is unknown. Reinforced toad

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