“Cut Out The Darkness” – When art turns light into a delight

It’s always heartwarming to see what great illustrations can do apart from being beautiful. In this project called “Cut Out The Darkness” by Panasonic, great artwork is employed to bring joy and hope to people in off-grid communities.

“About 1.3 billion people have no access to electricity worldwide. Many live in the developing countries of Asia and Africa, and face health and economic difficulties. The need for safe and healthy light sources in these regions is immense and Panasonic’s solar lantern can bring significant changes for their better living.”

Artists could donate paper cut designs and Panasonic would hold a vote to select designs for production. After that, they would bring the lantern shades together with the solar lanterns to areas without electricity. Panasonic’s goal is donating 100,000 lanterns by 2018 – the company’s centennial.

Amongst public submissions, Panasonic has 11 paper cut artists cooperate in designing unique lantern shades. Check out their sophisticated techniques and beautiful work below, together with more than 200 designs being produced for the first two donations in Indonesia. Also pay attention to how the children’s eyes light up at the light shining out from the lanterns. Sheer magic there.

fsdgsdg “Small Forest In Me” by Hina Aoyama sfsdafg “Creatures” by Anna Howarth sdfgdfgd “Kirigametria” by Elod Beregszaszi zfsadf “City Lights” by Bovey Lee asdfsdadaf “Nocturnal Flight” by Elaine Penwell fasdfasdfdsa “Love Peace Light” by Julene Harrison sdfsddf “Allure Of Light” by Kako Ueda asdfsaasdas “Sea Of Fog” by Mayuko Fujino fsfdsa “Botanical Brightness” by Jonathan Chapman asfsadsfa “Ocean Deep” by Sarah Dennis asfsadfdsa “Transformation Point” by Xin Song

First donation: Sumba Island, Indonesia.

Cut Out the Darkness   Panasonic Global asdfsdfsadf gdfgfdg sadfsdafsdaf sdfsdfsda

Second donation: Sone village in Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia.

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