“Typographic Thoughts” – fun & ingenious experiments by Liron Ashkenazi

“Ongoing typographic experiments I do in order to learn/practice new design/animation/render techniques. This is what I love doing in my spare time,”

Liron Ashkenazi shares in her “Typographic Thoughts” series. She sure had lots of fun with all the gorgeous experiments. The pure joy shines through each and every work. Bold colours explode and wacky shapes burst across every composition. If the words resonate with us one, the visualisations of those resonate with us ten. It’s truly satisfying to have thoughts visualised into stunning typography. No wonder the letters have become Liron’s besties.

“even when working on project I don’t necessarily like or feel like i’m learning a lot from, I always know I have my letters to come home to ; )”

You can see even more great work from Liron on her website, Behance, Dribbble.

Here are the typographic thoughts with brilliant combinations of colours, texture and patterns:

The GIFs are our instant favorites. They’re so smooth that they strip away all our clusters.

The 3D renders showcase some whimsical combinations of materials and shapes.

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